Reaching for a dream

What dreams are you reaching for?  Did you always have a dream?

I dreamed I would be remembered for a work of literature.

I told my English teacher this, yes English teacher, and she

denigrated the idea.  I was not a poor student.  She reminded me that  a woman’s place was in the home.  It was the ’60s.

Now I am faced with promoting a work of historical fiction which I believe I was meant to write.  I fell in love with Constance de Hauteville and all the years I spent writing, editing, and attempting to reach a publisher have finally come to fruition.  Have I reached my dream?  Working on this project was a true labor of love.

Do I replace it with another dream now?   What would you do?

Read Barbarossa’s Princess and guide me.  Should I seek another dream, I’m confused.


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