History, personal and otherwise.

Cicero said ” if you don’t know where you came from, you don’t know where you are going.”

This is so true for one personally, it is true for a country.

If you never contemplate what your early life was like and look at it straight in the face, you are hiding from the truth.  Better to look at it all, the good, the bad and ugly.  Rejoice in the good, because you have been blessed in those areas.  The bad is in our lives to teach us something about the world.  The ugly, I believe, has to do with what we don’t like about ourselves yet are drawn to people, places and things that would pollute us in some way.  If we recognize the ugly is a reflection of the ugly in us that we must work to eliminate, rise above, then we can overcome anything.

With a country it is the same.  If we do not cherish the blessings given to us in the past and only see negative in them, we are weakening us as a people.  If we justify the bad by saying we are just bad people instead of looking at the context of the time, we are poisoning the future generations.  If we accept the ugly as acceptable, we will lose our future generations.


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