Spark that Lights the Flame of Motivation

Went to a book fair recently and came away inspired to keep working on my writing projects and promoting my new work, Barbarossa’s Princess.

What I learned is that the spark that lights the flame of inspiration is everywhere.  One author hated her next door neighbor so much, she wrote a mystery and had her neighbor killed off.  Saves having to go jail by getting rid of her in your mind. 

I started my new project when I went to an exhibit about WWI.  I knew my grandfather fought in the great war and decided to use what I learned at the exhibit as my springboard.

Another book was created because of a visit to a castle.  The author became so intrigued by the emperor that built the castle, she decided to use that as her frame. 

 The book, Travels of a Medieval Princess, annoyed me so much that when I finished reading it I decided to write Barbarossa’s Princess.  I felt this medieval princess doing the traveling needed a voice.  People had to know about how she felt, what she ate, what she thought, what she did for fun, who she interfaced with on her travels. 

A writer of science fiction was motivated to write his book because he hates his job and people he works with.  As there are no jobs these days, he used his feelings to create another world using animals for each of his co-workers.  Very, very creative work. 

 Lastly, I met a clarivoyant who is inspired to write about the other side because of the work she’s done with people connecting to world we can’t see.

Never know where you will find the spark that lights the flame of creativity, motivation.


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