Historical Fiction

Fiction that is infused with history takes you into a world so different from your own. If done well, the reader feels he is living at the time the book is set. If it is done well, you can taste, smell and see the things around you. What provoked fear in the inhabitants of this time and place, makes you feel fear for them.
Writing historical fiction is a process like no other. One can not go merrily typing away. Each action, each word must be weighed for authenticity.
I was totaly engrossed en the topics I have written about.
First in Beyond Bagheria I wanted the world to know about a dark chapter in Italian-American history that folks are not aware of. I chose to write Barbarossa’s Princess because I wanted to give a princess who lived 1000 years ago a voice. Only Dante in his Divine Comedy made reference to her ever so briefly.
I have rectified this slight against Constance de Hauteville.
You must love your characters and setting or else you will find the process of writing historical fiction daunting. I never regretted a minute I spent writing about my heroines.
I wish you the joy I felt as I constructed my stories. May your stories bring you joy, peace, fun.


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