Finding the Time to Write

Carving out time to write in one’s busy day is difficult. If you’re working, taking care of the home, commuting, it seems impossible.
Yet I’ll give you ideas that worked for me. Use what is called dead time. If you are on a bus, train or the back seat of a car, whip out a pad and start writing. Even if you only write two paragraphs, it’s two more than you had before.
If you are taking a plane ride, this is a great time to take out your laptop or notepad and write, write, write. It doesn’t matter how raw it is. It doesn’t matter that you may chuck half of it in the end. The juices are flowing and the ideas are coming.
For me, I found vacation time the best time me to write. Put me under a palm in the sand and I’m good to go for a couple a hours until my hubby say’s, “dear, h-e-l-l-o, remember me?”
If you can’t write just put down ideas. Take an idea and brainstorm, making a very rough outline for each.
Use a timer. I’ll write as much as I can for fifteen minutes, then put it away.
Are you are morning person or a late night person? Write then. You’ll be the post productive in the shortest amount of time. I’m an early riser. I’d get up aat six, go to the kitchen, get a glass of juice and work for a couple of hours. I did consistently and it became a habit until Barbarossa’s Princess was finished.
Well writer, whether it’s historic fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, good luck and just keep writing anything. You’ll be suprised how much is useable somewhere.