The universe demands something of us

People ask, how did you come up with the idea for your book, Barbarossa’s Princess?  I believe the universe demanded that I give Constance de Hauteville a voice after 1000 years. Maybe Constance and I are related.  A DNA test revealed I have Viking blood as she did.

The  catalyst that pushed me to put words on paper was a book entitled, Travels of a Medieval Queen.  It documented Constance’s journey from Sicily to Germany.  When I finished this book, I made a commitment to write an intimate portrait of Constance.  This portrayal allows readers to live in her world, feel her joys and disappointments, taste the foods, and live the life of a medieval princess.  I also wanted the readers to experience the horrid beauty treatments and medical practices of that time.

I fell in love with the the story of Constance de Hauteville and this love is reflected in my work.  I think the universe would be satisfied.


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