Psalm 126.5

The bible says “Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.”  I have experienced first hand what psalm 126.5 tells the reader.

Having lost my son last year, it has been very difficult to promote my last work of historical fiction, Barbarossa’s Princess.  You see my son died the same month that my book was supposed to come out.  Physically and emotionally I was paralyzed.   I scheduled gigs months apart and after each of my presentations and book signings I was so depleted I had to go to bed for two days.

In the writers’ group that I am in, I would bring the latest installment of my new unfinished work, Bavarian Blue, but often I couldn’t make sense of where in the story the piece should go.  I know the participants of the group were exasperated with me, my story’s lack of focus, the typos, yada.  They don’t know me, I don’t know them.  They didn’t know about my son.  Never connected with anyone in the group.  I just float in and out submitting my work for critique.

I”ve passed the year mark in May and only now, months later, is my brain beginning to work.  I have begun to reap with joyful shouting because God is blessing me with opportunities I could not have imagined.  Resource material appears when I need it, people seem to appear when I need them, love and comfort surrounds me.  I am feeling whole, though a day does not go by when a thought of my Robert does not drift in and out.

Writers, if you have experienced a loss, a challenge, stay strong in your faith. God is walking beside you.  Ever so slowly you will see his work.  Don’t give up, for you shall reap with joyful shouting.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 126.5

  1. Hello. I just stumbled upon this blog page and have been struggling lately with some major changes in our personal life. Looking at the date, I realize that your son’s passing must have occurred just over two years ago now. I’m not even sure if you’re still active on this blog or if this message will ever reach you. But I felt called to write a bit here to tell you that you have encouraged me this day. So I am here to give you encouragement back. I hope and pray that your pain and sorrow over your loss has become a source of joy for you now as your son is sitting on the right-hand side of God our Father, dancing with peace in his heart. I hope that this thought makes you smile, even if it’s through your tears. Don’t be sad, but rather rejoice in the faith that our Father has called is to take solace in. I too need to take these words to heart. So, for where ever you are today – physically, emotionally, mentally – know that you are not alone and that someone, even a stranger, is sending warm thoughts your way.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Kathy. I am out of my funk, hopefully permanently, and have just finished my third work of historical fiction, Heaven, Hell and Hoboken. I’m be posting regularly soon. Thanks, again for thinking of me.

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