Writers’ Block?

Have been in a slump; perhaps I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  The manuscript I am working on has three separate story lines which need to be woven together and tied up in a nice bow at the end.

I’m struggling with which character(s) to drop,  who will ultimately be the antagonist.  Have also changed the storyline from love story to drama, making a former minor character the protagonist.  Yikes!  My head is spinning!

I also have questions such as:  Can a man in love forgive his sweetheart’s betrayal?  Can a soldier suffering from PTSD (‘shell shock’ in WWI’) lose his memory? Can two rivals make peace with their sweetheart’s decision to marry neither of them?  Can a man sacrifice his life for a sweetheart who has betrayed him?

Round and round, I go.  It certainly keeps the brain cogs turning.

Wish me luck.  This story has turned into a real challenge.

By the way I’ll be at Westchester Community College on Wednesday, March 6 at 11:00 am.  Power point “Constance de Hauteville and the Italy that Nobody Knows will precede reading and book signing.  Books will be available at the author’s price of $15.

Hope to see you there.