Friends and Neighbors-A Treasure Trove of Possibilities.

Elizabeth Vallone - Raconteur

Do you know your friends and neighbors back story?  What you see may hide stories so fascinating they can keep you writing for a long, long time.

Take my neighbors from Thailand. Kitty and her husband are both doctors.  They are affluent, live in an upper class neighborhood, have three children who are all physicians and six grandchildren.

Sounds boring but if one scratches the surface, one would find out that Kitty is not her real name.  Her name is her native language means “Snow White.”  According to her mother, she was such an ugly baby, that they had to give her a name that would bring her luck.   Her mother abandoned her in a orphanage run by French nuns.  She was educated and sent to France to college because of her high intelligence.

Her husband’s father was a heroine addict and had abandoned the family. Kitty and her husband met in Paris…

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